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What Does a Night Nanny Do?Night Nanny

We refer our night nannies as someone who is experienced with babies, not necessary full neonal care, but often with a baby 4-6 weeks plus.
Some Night nannies have a number baby/newborn experienced especially when they work as a sole charge nanny with a newborn that have followed after their current charges.

Night Nannies are current or former nannies that are available to work weekends or evenings; some of them are mothers, who have raised their own children and wish to continue working with kids. A Night Nanny will not only care for your child but will assist you in trying to guide your child to sleep through the night, The Night Nanny works only from 9pm- 7am or 10pm - 6am and has no other responsibilities but to care for your infant.

Parents can enjoy a period of ten hours of unbroken sleep without the worry of getting up to feed, settle a child or change a diaper. Or parents can have a night out without having to rush back to release the baby sitter; with having a Night Nanny you can have the luxury to sleep in in the morning.

Your Night Nanny will stay on your newborn’s schedule, guide older children to sleep through the night, and/or sleep when the child sleeps.

We recommend that you have a Nanny between one to three nights a week.

A Night Nanny will do the following:
  • Night feedings
  • Diaper changes
  • Settle the child
  • Read Stories
  • Dress and prepare the baby or children in the morning
  • Stay longer in the mornings to allow you to sleep a little longer

Average pay: $12-15/hr Singelton, $15-18/hr Twins, $18-25/hr Triplets
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