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What is a Nanny?

Nanny Nannies are professional childcare providers with 2-5 years experience; they are basically the next step when the infant is 6 weeks or older. A nanny comes in to replace the baby nurse or when the mother is ready to return to work.

Interviewing several potential candidates and checking their reference is important.

A nanny is capable of sole charge of the child and will promote a happy, loving and stimulating environment. Her duties include caring for the child, preparing the child's meals and keeping his or her room clean, doing laundry and running errands. Each nanny's responsibilities are different and should be discuss with the family prior to placement.

A nanny works 10-12/hrs a day, her typical work schedule is Monday through Friday and requires a one year commitment with the family. She has two days off per week and is paid for holidays. Salaries for nannies vary from $450-$800 for a live-in nanny, a live-out nanny average pay is $12-$15/hr. Nannies enjoy a high reputation throughout New York City and are happy to travel with the family. We at Gentle Hands provide nannies that hold a diploma in child care and are CPR certified.

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