How to Choose a Landscape Designer Or Landscaping Company and Save You Time & Money

September 17, 2019 0 Comment
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Choosing the correct landscape designer or landscaping everett wa business isn’t always straightforward.

Why? Because you might be bombarded with misleading claims, confusing advertisements, or just bad information.

You see, making the choice to hire a landscape designer can be a challenging task. There are several designers and landscape businesses hustling for your company. But often times by just digging a little bit deeper and knowing what to search for, you’ll be far better prepared to make the perfect decision.

Whether you have hired a Landscape Company before, or whether you’re trying to find the best designer for the very first time, this information will save you some time and money. . .maybe a headache or two.

This first apparently obvious thing to consider when employing any landscape company. Let us discuss licensing first. Sure, you need to hire a landscape company that is licensed, but what does that actually mean?

Through countless conversations with prospects and customers through the years, I have discovered that most individuals are not even aware of the various licenses that landscape businesses have to have–much less whether or not they have them.

Did you know that there are various licenses which landscapers in Texas could have to carry?

Any company without the appropriate licenses could present a possible liability issue for you. You’ll certainly need to hire a business that’s insured. Always insist on certificates of accountability; it is also wise to be added as”additional insured.”

2) Are quoted prices fixed or simply cost estimates?

Instead, insist on a company proposal that details the service to be supplied and sets forth fixed pricing for those services. Unless a substantial quantity of excavation is involved, an experienced landscape firm shouldn’t have a problem with this sort of arrangement.

It is no secret–professional landscape businesses base their pricing on three primary factors: labour, equipment, materials and gain. However, in addition, there are overhead costs which you might not realize. Things like worker uniforms, the worker training programs, and several other expenses that go into bringing you a high level of service. If you anticipate a professional company with terrific quality and fantastic customer service, the it is unlikely you will be pleased with a landscape company offering the cheapest”rock-bottom” pricing.

Bear this in mind when comparing costs and proposals. Quite often what seems to be the low cost can be deceiving. It’s crucial that you clarify and understand precisely what’s included and what is necessary to achieve your desired result.

As soon as you’re familiar with a proposal, you will want to obtain a signed contract which will legally document the conditions and scope of work agreed upon by both parties.

3) Are you able to speak to other customers who have used the landscape business for similar projects?

Any landscape business may make comments regarding their business practices and high quality of their work. Unfortunately, some of the things they say might not be totally accurate.

Established companies will have the ability to provide you with lots of testimonials and references from present AND previous customers –if they can’t, then it’s most likely a great idea to keep looking. Additionally it is important to personally contact some of those references, and if possible to get out and have a look at their properties. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau and receive the client’s rating.

A landscape company that specializes in maintenance and also has a excellent reputation in that regard might not be your very best option for an extensive landscape installation project.

When collecting feedback from other customers, ensure you ask about the amount of communication provided by the landscaper, their reliability and overall quality of work and when their project was completed on time and within budget.

The ability to effectively communicate with you, the customer, AND the team that are functioning are crucial should unexpected circumstances arise.

The labour force within the landscape industry today is composed in large of Hispanics–frequently non-English speaking individuals. This may pose a problem.

It’s always wise to confirm with any landscape business that there’ll be someone in your job that knows and speaks fluent English–this way you can communicate together.

Make certain to ask about communications and that your point of contact within the firm is going to be. This way, you are going to be in the best position to manage issues that may develop.

A specialist firm should report to you the progress of each days work and a strategy for the following day. This might be done verbally or recorded as a written document.

5) What sort of warranties will the company offer on your job?

Any company ought to be fully accountable for their performance on your premises and plantings or other products they install. But not all landscape businesses provide a warranty –and if they do, they are not all created equal.

Answering these questions give you a degree of confidence when picking an excellent landscape company. You will have peace of mind; save yourself time and money in the future and know precisely what to expect.

Terrific landscape designers and landscape businesses need to have the ability to specify trees and plants which will work for your particular region. By way of instance, landscaping in Austin TX can be tricky when selecting the ideal plants. The soil requirements in addition to the abundant deer population make the plant choice not as simple as buying a plant book under Zone 8. But an experienced and reputable landscaping company can make the ideal design decisions and have your lawn looking great with little if any hassle.

Chose wisely and be thorough when choosing a landscape company. You will be glad you went through the additional effort. All the Best!

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