A Look Into The Amazing Healing Power Of The Mind

August 12, 2019 0 Comment
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Many people have, at some time in their lives, heard others discuss the healing power of the mind, but oftentimes, we hear about it from people with hardly any authenticity, or should I say, we hear about healing power from those who have absolutely no personal experience in this fascinating field. Instead, most are simply repeating things that they have been told, or maybe which they have come across online.

In truth, however, the brain has immense Heal Beyond Belief power, but most people never understand how to harness this power. Have you ever wondered why some cancer patients make a complete recovery while others do not, even in circumstances where they’ve had the exact same kind of cancer? Have you ever wondered why some people achieve great success in life while others fail miserably, though people who became successful also started out with nothing?

Sometimes you get two children who’ve grown up together in the same area, they have attended the same school, were in the very same classes, and got similar levels, and one goes on to be a successful asset to society, while another spends their life getting by on government handouts.

This doesn’t occur because one of those children attended some type of sacred ritual, or because they always wore a good luck charm or amulet around their neck. It happens due to positive thinking. Without positive thinking, the brain remains devoid of healing power.

Using The Power We Are Born With

People quite often associate healing power with the capacity to recover from an illness, but the curative power of someone’s mind may also be used for other things also. Ironically, children appear to be a lot more proficient at using this healing power we are all born with. It is only as we begin to grow that we lose it.

By way of instance, when I was about seven years old, I used to experience the most excruciating pain in my knees, but the physicians who examined me could find nothing wrong, so they called it growing pains. In my mind figured it was because there was not enough lubrication in my knee joints, so I rubbed on a small amount of Vaseline, and went to bed knowing that I wouldn’t be awakened with the pain, because the Vaseline would lubricate the joints flawlessly. After several months, I came to the conclusion that my saliva would function equally well, and just as I thought, it did work.

Now that I’m an excellent deal older, I no longer have pain in my knees, but when I did, would my saliva still be capable of preventing the pain? After all, science has taught me that it is impossible. This is precisely why most individuals are not able to reap the benefits of mind power – we have been schooled to brush these things aside.

Countless folks are alive today due to their unquestionable faith in the healing power of the human mind. Yes, modern medicine has certainly helped them, but when they’d permitted themselves to dwell on negative thoughts, they probably would not be around now.