Gentle Hands Newborn and Postpartum Care

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Gentle Hands Postpartum Care
We Specialize in Newborn and Postpartum Care.

The President of Gentle Hands, has been offering child care services since 1997 and is qualified as a Midwife Assistant, a Breast Feeding Educator and Doula Trainer. This has given her a special insight into the world of child care. She understands the needs of both families and caregivers and has the right skills and experience to make the best match for both.

Gentle Hands Newborn and Postpartum Care offers a childcare referral service, focusing on promoting baby nurses and postpartum caregivers. Gentle Hands recognizes that childbirth is just the beginning of many changes and periods of adjustment for the new mother, her baby and her family.

Our mission is to define the standards of in-home care for new mothers and families by providing physical, emotional and educational support during the postpartum. Gentle Hands offers the highest quality postpartum care through rigorous training and certification for postpartum doulas and baby nurse members.

Gentle Hands also offers training workshops in Infant CPR, childcare and preparation for becoming a nanny. Gentle Hands offers the highest performance for quality postpartum care, by providing Postpartum doula training, Baby Nurse training and Certification.

We also offer a referral source for Baby Nurses and Doulas Nationwide.

Gentle Hands Postpartum Care
Gentle Hands
Phone: (212) 767-9173